F.E.M. Construction team

We are a group of masons and bricklayers who are proud to offer our skilled trade services to restore brick, stone and concrete block in commercial and residential buildings. F.E.M. Construction owns ladder systems allowing us to safely and effectively work on projects at elevated heights.

Our team of experts provides other services such as masonry pointing; stone chimney, balcony and staircase repairs; high pressure stone and brick cleaning.


Bricks, stones, blocs

We are happy to offer our customers an extensive selection of masonry products and to ensure their proper installation. Every bricklayer in our team is trained to carry out a variety of masonry work.


Pointing masonry joints involves the removal of old mortar, repairing any bricks if necessary and applying brand new mortar to seal the surface. We finish with a good cleaning of the wall to produce a durable result.

Sills, lintels, iron-angles

Adding sills and lintels to windows and doors conveys style and increases the value of your home or building. We can carry out the installation or restoration of all types of products on the market.